Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cobourg man offers unique sound

"COBOURG -- Imagine the marriage between a bagpipe and an organ.

The resulting instrument would be the Irish bagpipes or uilleann, according to Steafan Hannigan, who will be featured in an upcoming concert, The Pipes are Calling, with the Northumberland Orchestra and Choir on Saturday, Jan. 29. Mr. Hannigan describes the sound as unique.

'It sounds like what would happen if you left a set of highland bagpipes and an organ together overnight and the offspring of that love,' said Mr. Hannigan.

The difference between the bagpipes and the uilleann is simple, he said. 'There is a one-word answer -- evolution.'

The uilleann pipes have bellows so performers can sing and play at the same time, he said. The instrument also has regulators, which are basically keys to play cords."

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