Monday, April 11, 2011

Young musician of the year is piping up a storm

"Coming from a family steeped in traditional music, it’s little wonder uilleann piper Pádraic Keane is tipped to become one of the piping greats

BALLYFERRITER’S Scoil Ceoil An Earraigh was in full swing in February, with sessions bursting from every pub, snug and backroom. Accordions, fiddles, concertinas, whistles and flutes (even the odd harp) jostled for space amid sessions, few of which wound down before sunrise. Into the midst of the melee loped Pádraic Keane, his pipes tucked nonchalantly under his arm.

Few may have noticed his arrival, but once he filled the bellows and flexed his fingers, he stilled the crowd. Even those more usually resistant to the sound of the uilleann pipes admitted that here was something special. It was there, plain to hear in the sharp definition of his fingering, in the inescapable momentum of his phrasing, and in particular, in his precise execution of slow airs."

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