Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aidan Jefferies Pipes

Pipemaker Adrian Jefferies makes Mada Rua Irish Uilleann Pipes and Scottish Small Pipes. Originally from Carrickfergus County Antrim and with over 20 years experience Adrian has returned to County Antrim after being based in Australia for many years.

Mada Rua Uilleann Pipes are based on D & C pitched sets of traditional design made in Ebony. The internal dimensions of the concert pitch D sets follow those of contemporary wide bore concert pitch D, while the narrow bore D and C sets are built in the pattern of the narrow bore pipes of the 18th/19th century. The mounts and fittings are made from brass (with optional nickel plating) and Boxwood mounts. Bags are robust and made from quality chrome tanned leather fastened with rivets. The bag covers (unless otherwise requested) are made from velvet with an ornate trim. Likewise the bellows are made from high quality, heavy gauge leather and suitable hardwood boards with brass or nickel pins. All instruments are constructed to high standard, fitted with reeds, played and adjusted/tuned.

Mada Rua Small Pipes are based on contemporary designs of Scottish Small Pipes and pitched in A or D. These pipes are made in Ebony or Cocobolo with brass (optional nickel plating) and Boxwood mounts. The bellows use a similar but slightly smaller pattern to the Uilleann Pipe bellows described above.

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