Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seth Gallagher, pipe maker

ABOUT  seth gallagher

In my workshop, on the banks of the Hudson River, just north of New York City, I make Uilleann bagpipes exclusively, selling to customers around the world.

Before taking up the Uilleann pipes I played Highland pipes, first with the Boston Fire Department Pipe Band and then with the Worcester Kiltie Band. After learning of the existence of Planxty and the Bothy Band, however, I realized I'd found the instrument for me: the Uilleann Pipes.

While living in Boston I worked at the Von Huene Workshop in Brookline, making baroque and renaissance recorders and flutes. Under the guidance of master instrument maker Friedrich Von Huene I learned all aspects of instrument making, from toolmaking to hand-turning to wood-finishing. After almost four years there, I moved to New York to be with Erika Wood (now my wife and webmaster) and to start my own business making Uilleann Pipes and now Wooden Flutes as well.

Seth Gallagher Workshop
10 Garden Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516

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